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30+ Hours of Programming made available each week!

1583 hours of programming uploaded in 2017!

PLEASE CLICK ON OUR LOGO FOR MORE INFORMATION: The NCRA Program Exchange is simple way for radio producers to share their programs with other stations and a great place for radio stations and programmers to find programming to air, whether complete programs or segments that can be incorporated into other programs.

Community Exchange Stats!
Series Producers
36 %
Increase in Shows Available
Programs Downloaded
New Hours Per Week

Latest News

CRX is Closing

We are offering training sessions for the new integration into !earshot distro.This session is for:– People who upload shows– People who download music (and shows)– Stations that give access to …

NCRA Community Radio Exchange Update

National Campus and Community Radio Association releases Community Radio Exchange In 2006, the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA-ANREC) put together its first iteration of what is called the …