The list below is designed to help programmers to syndicate their shows with other stations.

Best Practice: Search the station contact list for those stations who are interested in your type of programming and then contact them by their preferred method listed. 

Include a demo/example show, a bit about you and any other instructions.  Note that each radio station determines its own schedules, and may or may not use the Community Radio Exchange to access the content. 

Finally, please do not abuse the system, often the staff/volunteers are very busy. 

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8/20/2020 15:21:21CFBWOntarioHanoverAndrew McBrideStation Managerinfo@bluewaterradio.ca5193640200NoPermenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website)Show Description and running time.
8/20/2020 15:15:38CFRUOntarioGuelphChristopher CurrieProgramming Directorcfru.programming@gmail.comHip hop, loud music, electronic, international, indie rock, new musicPrograms should be sent in mp3 format, in consistent lengths of 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. (Actually, the files should be slightly shorter than this -- by two minutes, say -- to allow time for PSAs).YesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetInclude bio, show description, logsheet, list of hosts, and information on whether or not the program includes profanity and/or language that could be triggering to some listeners. Send to arrangements will be made by email. Please allow up to two weeks for the turnaround time.
8/16/2020 14:11:14CHLY-FmBritish ColumbiaNanaimoArbie FruProgram Coordinator and Music Directorarbie.fru@chly.ca25071634109am to 5pm PST M-F Indigenous, local2hr max, Can-Con compliant, prefer 320 mp3YesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed), WeTransfer, Hitail will confirm by email, approval timelines vary, followup
8/20/2020 10:30:41CHMA-FMNew BrunswickSackvilleKevin BrasierProgram Directorprogramming@chmafm.comBIPOC, LGBT2Q+Can-con, Mp3, 30-60 minsYesVia, RSS Feed email a bio and show description, as well as links to episodesemail
8/20/2020 13:11:08CHRWOntarioLondonZahra HabibProgram Directorpd@radiowestern.caHip Hop + RnB music, spoken word on current issuesMP3 files in 28-minute long segments (however many segments are fine)especially BIPOC, women, immigrants, and marginalized communitiesPermenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetPlease include a bio, show description, show demo, and target audeince.I will email
8/20/2020 12:26:23CHSR-FMNew BrunswickFrederictonMark KilfoilProgram DirectorProgramDirector@chsrfm.caSpoken word, particularly performed by under-represented communities and voices, or tackling under-represented topics, but good discussions and information is always welcomeAlways leave 2-5 minutes short on every hour for local advertisements, IDs, etc; no baked-in advertising, although acknowledgements of sponsors are acceptable; minimal music, no top 40, primarily Can-Con; 192kbps+ MP3 or WAV is acceptable; regular production with the understanding that the programming will not be broadcast immediately, so as evergreen as possible; shows should be 100% clean language (bleeped or muted words acceptable); shows should be of a consistent length, hour-long preferred, half-hour is second best.Yes, but not exclusively.Via, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetA short show description (<500 words), host(s) bio, a very short description for promotional purposes (1 sentence), frequency, length of show, links to a show page or back episodes, planned series length (may be indeterminate, but fixed-length series would be acceptable). Email to ProgramDirector@chsrfm.caEmail, primarily.If there would be opportunities for local volunteer members to participate in your show, I would love to know about them.
10/22/2020 20:49:20CITRBritish ColumbiaVancouverJasper Sloan YipProgramming Directorprogramming@citr.caOpen to EverythingMP3YesVia, programming@citr.caAn introduction and a show pitch would be great!I will follow up with a timeline.
8/20/2020 12:47:42CJAM FMOntarioWindsorEmily ChiarvesioProgram Directorprogramcjam@gmail.com51925330002526Mon-Fri, 10-4 Eastern Timen/an/aPotentially in the futureVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)Email directlyWill respond to any proposals received within one week
8/19/2020 19:38:18CJLY-FMBritish ColumbiaNelsonRob AndrewProgramming and Operations Managerops@kootenaycoopradio.com250-505-9829High-quality spoken word, South Asian musicThat would be great, but not "specifically"Via, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)Just send to with "KCR show submission" or something to that effect in the title.I'll respond to confirm receipt.
8/23/2020 21:43:19CJQCNova ScotiaLiverpoolWayne SmithProgram Directorqccrprograms@gmail.com19022662908anytimeAdult contemporary, Classic rock, Blues, folk/roots/celtic/heavy metal,hiphop/'swing', jazz, Classic Rock, 'r&b' Classic Country44100Hz, 128kpbs, mp3YesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)show description, geographical origin, genre: qccrprograms@gmail.comshow/program will be referred to the appropriate genre 'host/producer'. Sorry, can't guarantee when/if it would see airtime but I will send an acknowledgment by email. Please..NO Spotify links.
8/20/2020 12:41:06CJRUOntarioTorontoSean WarkentineProgram Directorprogramming@cjru.ca58mins, 192 kb/s MP3 preferredVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)Not currently looking for proposals, but would request a detailed show description in an email. Please reach out for further details and requirements.
8/20/2020 16:08:23CJSF-FMBritish ColumbiaBurnabyJesse WentzloffPublic Affairs/ Talk / Spoken Word Coordinatorcjsfpa@sfu.ca778 782 4423Wednesday-Friday, 10am-5pm PSTProgramming by BIPOC producers & hosts; programming in 3rd languages (esp indigenous - preferably local - languages; regionally- or nationally-relevant news/public affairs/talk content; high quality music/talk programs (artist interviews, storytelling etc); documentaries; audio dramas and other "fiction"/"narrative" audio contentprefer CanCon, prefer mp3 but Wav is manageableYesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)Description of program with goal/mission statement, intended audience; audio sample (entire episode(s) or clips); link(s) to website/social media - email to or cjsfprog@sfu.cawe will respond via email with any questions, and with a timeline for approval on a case-by-case basis
8/16/2020 23:49:30CJUMManitobaWinnipegJared McKetiakStation Managerjared@umfm.com204-474-7027any and all - particularly social justice shows and shows that give voices to those normally underrepresented.N/AYesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetBio / Show Description / Link to Old EpisodesWe respond via email.N/A
8/22/2020 17:06:52CKMS-FMOntarioKitchener-Watelroo-CambridgeJeff StagerProgramming Committee produced content (Waterloo Region)Podcasts need to be subscribable (RSS or Atom feed); ideal length is 28m or 58m (or less); longer episodes will be truncatedYesRSS FeedTo choose a timeslot and guarantee airtime, producers can start their own show: may take up to two weeks; follow up with
10/20/2020 15:37:22CKUW-FMManitobaWinnipegSam DoucetProgram Directorprogramming@ckuw.ca204-786-9782Canadian/indigenous politicsYesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)email with show outline, let's take it from there
8/19/2020 18:23:04CKXUAlbertaLethbridgeAdrianna SmithProgram Directorprogram@ckxu.comMonday to Friday 10am-4pmCategory 3(Jazz and Classical), News/Current Events and Canadian ContentMp3 or Wavs. 30, 60 or 120 minute formats. Can-con playlists (bonus or ALL Can-con).YesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetShow Description and contact info for the host is a must! Sample of playlists and it's percentages (Can-con, femcon, under represented voices, etc). Send an email to ""I respond to each inquiry I receive VIA email to let them know I've got the show and it's on my radar. Upon review, they may hear back with a show slot or potential feedback.
8/20/2020 10:49:54Sheridanlife radioOntarioOakvilleAmelia SherProgram Directoramelia.sher@sheridancollege.ca2899523372We could benefit from sports and always new and local music. not reallyYesVia, Permenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), RSS Feed, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)We need a bio, and have an internal form we use for submissions. is a good email address to send too. We follow up fairly quickly through email. and then set up a (virtual) meeting depending on content.
6/28/2021 18:16:37CFYT-FMYukonDawson CityPeter MenziesVolunteer Treasurerpgmenzies@gmail.com10:00 am - Noon Yukon TimeRoots, Folk, AboriginalMP3 . max 15 minYesVia communityradioexchange.caEmail ideas onlyFollow up email within 30 daysCFYT is 100% volunteer
10/25/2021 15:45:17SaskMusic Industry AssociationSaskatchewanRegina/SaskatoonSaskMusicPromotions/Featuresinfo@saskmusic.org306-347-0676We promote Saskatchewan artists.MP3 is fine.YesPermenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)News and new releases considered for features and playlisting we only feature Sask artists, we are always interesting in hearing music from across Canada.
3/23/2022 13:48:07CHIR fmBritish ColumbiaSaltspring IslandRanger DaveProgram Directorradiogordo@protonmail.comno specific hoursJazz Blues Folk Reggae Worldbeat Classical AllYesSingles, EP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, CD's, Vinly, Mp3 (320 or higher)Through, Through E-mail, Through Physical Mail, Drop Boxradiogordo@protonmail.comPlease include track meta data529 Mt Belcher Hts, Saltspring Island, BC, V8K 2J3Mail to CHIR Fm PDSubmit Response
5/26/2022 23:31:33CJLYBritish ColumbiaNelsonEd ZychProgramming Managerops@kootenaycoopradio.comYesThrough
6/28/2022 16:49:12CFYT 106.9YukonDawsonScOttProgramming and
7/1/2022 18:56:42CFRUOntarioGuelpjWalkuman Stylehost/deejaygammakrush@gmail.comhip hop, underground hip hop, alternative hip hop, lo-fi hip hop, instrumental hip hop, funk, soul,Singles, EP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, Vinly, Mp3 (320 or higher)Through earshot-distro.caMetadata (right click file>properties>details) should be filled out. Must be clean edits; explicit talk (including sex and drugs like cannabis/marijuana) are not permitted. Response
7/4/2022 10:27:27CJAM FMOntarioWindsorRevolution RockShow Hostdamn.that.television@gmail.comgarage rock, 70s punk/new wave, alternative, surf, indieSingles, EP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, CD's, Tapes, Vinly, Mp3 (320 or higher), WavThrough earshot-distro.cadamn.that.television@gmail.comContact via emailContact via email for infocontact via email for inforevrock.blogspot.comSubmit Response
7/5/2022 11:45:45independent programmerBritish ColumbiaPowell RiverTom Fleming (The Freedom Principle)Programmerthefreedomprinciple99.1fm@gmail.comno specific hoursWorld, Jazz, Blues, Caribbean, African, Folk, World JazzAllYesEP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, CD's, Mp3 (320 or higher), Wav, Aiff or other LosslessThrough, Through E-mailthefreedomprinciple99.1fm@gmail.comno special instructions1495 Pope St. LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J3R8none Response
7/6/2022 15:25:30CKMSOntarioKitchenerREQUIEM FOR ROCKHostradiotraitor@gmail.comno specific hoursAnyAllNoSingles, Mp3 (320 or higher)Through earshot-distro.caradiotraitor@gmail.comSubmit Response
7/7/2022 21:40:41CHOQ-FM 105.1OntarioTORONTOICI INDIE RADIO SHOWSHOW HOST & RADIO PRODUCERJO@ICIINDIE.COMTRACKING BY EMAIL AT ALL TIMESMUSIC FROM INDIGENOUS ARTISTS: RAP, HIP HOP, POP, ALT, PUNK, DANCE, COUNTRY, FOLK, ROCK, AMERICANA, SINGER-SONGWRITERYesSingles, EP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, CD's, Vinly, Mp3 (320 or higher), WavThrough, Through E-mail, Through Physical Mailjo@iciindie.comMP3 with metadata preferred. Singles, EPs, AlbumsCHOQ-FM 105.1 330 Landsdowne Avenue, suite 304 Toronto, ON, M6H 3Y1, Canadahttp://WWW.ICIINDIE.COM, http://WWW.CHOQFM.CA/EMISSIONS/ICIINDIESubmit Response
7/8/2022 12:59:18CHBBNewfoundland and LabradorNorris PointIvan EmkeShow hostingiemke@grenfell.mun.ca709-640-5725no specific hoursRoots, celtic, traditional, appalachian, folk, and beyond!AllIn general, yes - though it depends on what is meant by an "under-represented" community. Playing roots music, I feel like we often are playing music from people who are under-represented.EP's, Artist Albums, Compilations, CD's, Mp3 (320 or higher)Through E-mail, Through Physical Mailiemke@grenfell.mun.caI don't tend to play a lot of digital-only submissions, as the technology for program creating tends toward the older formats, but changes are clearly afoot!336 Rupert Avenue, Stouffville, ON, L4A 1C9Thanks!There are two programs that I currently create and disseminate. One is a music program called "Routes & Branches & Beyond," and the web page is: . The second is focused on food and agriculture in Newfoundland and Labrador (and some similar places), and it is called "Fit to Eat: the NL Farm and Food Show." The web address for that one is: . Both shows are weekly.Submit Response
7/12/2022 12:06:28Harrowsmith RadioOntarioHamiltonHarrowsmith RadioExecutive Assistantteresa@moongate.caPodcast - sustainabilityMp3 (320 or higher)Through earshot-distro.ca5E7XNCRAteresa@moongate.ca Response
7/14/2022 16:04:27CFUR 88.7 and CKUW 95.9British Columbia, ManitobaPrince George/WinnipegCross Canada Comedeorological Reportshow producer/hostjoeyonlyoutlawband@gmail.comtalk showearth science, meteorology, comedyYesMp3 (320 or higher)joeyonlyoutlawband@gmail.comSubmit Response
8/9/2022 14:39:13CKUT 90.3fmQuebecMontrealJack SolarSpoken Word Coordinatorspokenword@ckut.ca11am-6pm ESTSpoken word (esp Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, politics), weekly, monthly, or one-offUp to 59:30, preferably MP3YesPermenant Link (dropbox, Google Drive or Website), Emailed weekly with link or attachmnet, !Earshot Distro (add-on being developed)Please send a bio (with social media links if relevant) and a show description to for new permanent (weekly/monthly) shows must go before the Programming Committee, so the turnaround can be up to a month. For one-off shows, I will follow up in about a week.
10/21/2022 16:00:13independent producerAlbertaEdmontonDon Hillindependent producerhilldon@telus.netlimited series, documentary, soundscape, experimental drama noemail queryemail responsemy intention is to supply programming freely to campus & community radio stations
3/22/2023 12:35:26Coastal Villages Community RadioNova ScotiaLaHaveLouis PutneyPresident / Station 361-30459:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Nova Scotia Music & Public AffairsMP3, 30 minutes or one hourA mixtureVia, Emailed weekly with link or attachmnetEmail with a program sample in MP3 format.Email within one week

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